May 31st – True Tales Live Show -Zoom Show- “One Thing Leads to Another” 7-8:15 PM

Our May True Tales Live Show will be a ZOOM Show – Theme is “One Thing Leads to Another.”

For a number of reasons, we have decided to continue to do our April, May, and June shows on ZOOM.  We will have a Summer Break during July and August and “may” return to In-Person shows in September.  Stay Tuned… but know one thing… We plan on keeping True Tales Live moving forward!

We would love to have you in our ZOOM audience and here is the link to register… it is free… but you need to register in order to be in the audience.  Link:  

The digital doors open at 6:50 PM and the show begins at 7 PM.  Login with your registration information and you will appear in one of our special ZOOM Rectangles! 🙂

If you want to participate in this show please use email address below to request an application form and seriously consider attending the May 3rd Zoom Free Storytelling Workshop.  Pre-registration for the free ZOOM Workshop is required.

Here is the Pre-registration link for the May 3rd  Zoom Storytelling workshop:

Our entire crew: Amy, Pat, David, John, Sarah, Tina, Tom, Sam, and Kemetia are volunteers… no one is paid.  But we are responsible to pay PPMtv Annual Membership Fee,  Podcast Fee, NH Non-Profit Licensing Fee, and of course for the cost of our ZOOM account.  All of our workshops and shows are free, but we do have a DONATE PayPal Button at the top of our main page and would very much appreciate your donation in any amount.  Thank You.