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You can listen to a previous True Tales show anytime with the SoundCloud and YouTube links on the right.  We would also love to welcome you as part of our studio audience, located at PPMTV (280 Marcy Street, Portsmouth).

Our November 26th  – “The Last Straw” video is now available
on YouTube here:

our podcasts here:

Note: There are two separate files, one for the storytelling portion of the program and one for the conversation between storytellerd Nancy Lukens and her husband Martin Rumschscheidt, and David Phreaner.  Both files are at the top of our “Spotlight” section of the page.

Each Fall we also feature additional shows of True Tales Live Onstage hosted by ACT ONE NH at the West End Studio Theatre in Portsmouth.  Below is a video shot with a smartphone in some rather bright stage lights so some of the images are not up to our usual standards, but it will give you sense of how well-attended and enjoyable our September 15, 2019 performance was for everyone involved.

Click on the link below to watch a short video for more information about our June 25th True Tales Live Program

Below is a link to a 2 minute video recognizing the 34 storytellers who told their “True Tales” during our 2019 True Tales Live season on PPMTV…